June 28th ~ 30th, 2024


You're Invited!

To The Tribr Winter Festival 2024! We are thrilled to invite you to our special Winter Festival this year, a delightful evolution of our past retreats that have seen members from across the globe forge enduring friendships and memories! In 2024, we're gathering in the enchanting Hunter Valley, just 2.5 hours from Sydney. Nestled in a serene retreat surrounded by vast, picturesque bushland transformed into a winter wonderland, this festival promises a unique blend of connection, celebration, and the magic of winter.

What It's All About

Embark on a Mystical Journey with TRIBR! In the autumnal embrace of September 2022, the TRIBR community embarked on an inaugural retreat that is now a winter festival, a gathering that sparked a tradition.

As the years unfolded - 2023 and now 2024 - our gatherings have blossomed in size and spirit. This winter, we invite you to join us in a celebration that transcends the ordinary, an elevated experience amidst the frost-kissed magic of the season.

This year's retreat promises to be an unparalleled adventure. We've secured an entire resort, nestled in the breathtaking Hunter Valley, a mere 2.5-hour scenic journey from Sydney. Here, surrounded by the serene whisper of bushland, you'll find a sanctuary where nature meets soulful connections. Allow yourself to open a realm of imagination and wonder.

Prepare for an array of unexpected, delightful activities, harmoniously paired with healing practices to nourish your spirit. This retreat is a canvas for you - whether you seek deep connections, introspective journeys, or the simple joy of laughter and relaxation.

It's a weekend of enchantment, exclusively for the TRIBR community, where every corner of the resort beckons with the promise of unforgettable moments. Join us, and let's create amazing memories in this winter of connection and transformation!

We have hired the whole resort and TRIBR members have exclusive access.

Everything is included at the retreat.

Accommodations, food, travel, etc., so all you'll need to bring is yourself, some clothes for the season and personal items!

NOTE: This is strictly a drug and alcohol free event.

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The Details:

Dates: June 28th-30th 2024

Retreat Location: The Hunter Valley Retreat NSW.

Getting there: You can make your own way there, otherwise the TRIBR bus will be leaving from Bondi Beach, making a stop at central station to pick anyone who’d prefer to meet us there, and then bringing you back to central and Bondi Beach at the end of the retreat.

(This will be an extra cost of approx. $160, price TBD).

Early Bird Room Prices:

Ends March 5th

Private Room
King Bed - $1,400

Queen Bed - $1,300

Shared Room

Single Bed - $1,070


Camping (Food Provided) - $650

Camping (No Food provided) - $450

(Note: To camp beside your car or use a camper-van requires an extra $50 car pass purchased before the event)

Sign up below and select your accomodation option by putting a $300 deposit

What's On At The Retreat?

Sound Healing

Crystal bowls, Shamanic drums, didgeridoos and other instruments to guide you deep into a state of relaxation and healing.

Breath-work & Ice baths

Learn how to regulate your nervous system, activate your inner fire and be a master of the ice. This workshop will push you beyond the constructs of the mind and break through the barriers that hold your true power back.

Martial Arts Workshop

Learn to connect with and channel your body’s primal fight response your using mixed martial arts. In this session you’ll learn the basics of striking and grappling to connect to your divine masculine energy and learn how to express it in healthy ways.

Group Healing Ceremonies

Immerse yourself in deeply healing ceremonies designed to guide you into your feminine flow. To release any undigested and unprocessed emotions, to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore to return back to presence and your body in a state of being.

Live Workshops

Shadow work, inner child work, parts work and family constellation therapy workshops. All designed to facilitate powerful breakthroughs to transcend you into the next stage of your evolutionary journey.

Tribal Party

Get wild and join us for our ecstatic dance party! Hosted by DJFLAT and the famous drummers of BONDI SUNSET MUSIC, full of tribal rhythms and your favourite classics, get dressed up on your favourite jungle/tribal outfit and get ready to let loose and have fun.

About Your Retreat Hosts.


If you need support from someone who has walked in your shoes, look no further than Charles.

Hailing from a broken, poverty-stricken home, Charles has overcome a lifetime of challenges.

He has changed the lives of countless individuals, leading to his renowned popularity in the health and wellness community.

Join him on this retreat and experience a personal growth you've ever experienced before!


Meet Mike, a dedicated guide on a transformative journey. With a passion for facilitating personal growth and healing.

Despite a difficult upbringing, Mike has overcome many challenges with methods he has learned along the journey.

With these methods Mike allowed space for clients to explore their struggles and embark on a transformative path towards healing leading to profound breakthroughs.

Join him on this retreat and experience a personal growth you've ever experienced before!

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